Lubilicious Fireworks Lady Love Gel | Enhances Female Arousal Lube & Libido | Heightened Orgasm | Natural Stimulation for Maximum Clitoral Climax | Personal Lubricant | Warming & Cooling 1 oz (1)


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  • 💗 With Lubilicious Fireworks and a lover with a slow hand you will have clitorals stimulation worth telling your friends about. A perfect love potion for couples that want to spice up their sex life! Go ahead! Pinch Yourself!
  • 💗 Our lube is the perfect mix of warming & cooling sensations. Gently rubbed into your G-Spot you will start feeling a tingle. This stimulation will turn into a Fireworks Show through your whole body!
  • 💗 We understand our products are only part of the fun! Skin on Skin – Massage. Your favorite toys & vibrators. Our premium arousal gel is an intense compliment to all of your intimate play things.
  • 💗 Lubicious Fireworks – is made in the U.S.A. with our main ingredients being Peppermint Extract and Glycerin for lubrication. Our stimulating gel is safe for topical use. Condom Safe. Paraben Free.
  • 💗 Lubilicious has many types of female sexual enhancement lubes & gels. Try our Warming & Cooling Lubricant to awaken your sexual fun. All of our Lubricants have easy to use leak free pump tops!

Publisher: Lubilicious

Details: Lubilicious Fireworks is a breakthrough in female sexual enhancement gel. It is the personal lube that women all over the world are raving about. Lubilicious has created an award winning line of sexual lubricant, vaginal lubricant & sex gels that all the critics agree are the best. Our warming & cooling water based lube have been the lube men count on for their personal lubrication. If you enjoy female masturbation try our sex gel, Fireworks, as an enhancement to your sexual pleasure. Our all natural lube which is water based comes in 8.5 & 17.5 oz pump top bottles. Our female gel, Fireworks, is what women are looking for vaginal arousal. Lubilicious is the lubricant women all over the world are using for clitoral stimulating. You can slip n slide with our Firweworks Arousal Gel. It is one of the best vaginial lubricants on the market. Our uber 17 oz bottle is the perfect sex lube that men & women are using for anal sex & masturbation. Lubilicious is the lube women love when they want to have vaginal sex or anal sex. Our Fireworks line will awaken foria for you. It is the best vibrator lubricant sold online. Fireworks is the gel women prefer over other clit stimulation gel. Female masterbrators everywhere agree that our natural lubricant helps them have vaginal stimulation quicker than other lubricant sex water based. There are many vaginial gel stimulation but Our gel is the best condom safe lubricants on the market. All natural lube water based is not the same. The clit sensitivity from Fireworks will give you a clitoral jolt gel. Using our stimulation gel will rise your lube libido. Try Fireworks as your nipple stimulation cream. It works best in female masturbation. Not all slip n slide arousal gel is the same. Our Fireworks will give you a very wet vagina & act as a clit stimulator. Our water based lube is the natural lubricant women have been horny for. The nipple sensitivity Fireworks gives you is sex arousal gel women have been looking…

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